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Ayurveda known as the traditional health science of India is not only a medical system it is also a way of life. The word Ayurveda means “Life and Knowledge” provides various guidelines to be followed to keep one healthy. This science has a strong basis in Indian philosophy, which has handed down to us by means of ancient scripts in palm leaves. Ayurveda has two main aims which are the preservation of health in healthy people and curing of diseases in ill people.

Ayurveda at Clafouti

Ayurveda Pizhichil


Ayurveda involves a variety of treatments to preserve health and to cure disease by maintaining the equilibrium of body constituents. Our ayurvedic centre consists, a team of qualified doctors, eminent and well experienced therapist, and other medical staff. Our centre offers you with a blend of various Ayurvedic treatments for the preservation of health and cure of diseases in a natural way.

Ayurveda Nasyam


Headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, certain types of skin diseases etc. are treated in Ayurveda through the procedure called Nasyam. This special treatment involves applying certain herbal juices, medicated oils etc. through the nose for 7 to 14 days.

Ayurveda Abhyangam


As a solution for obesity, especially diabetic gangrene, we provides an Ayurvedic treatment called Abhyangam. It is a special type of oil massage in which rhythmic strokes are given according to the nature of the diseases for 45 minutes a day for 14 days.

Ayurveda Navarakizhi


Njavarakizhi is carried out by two to four therapists for about 60 to 90 minutes a day for a period of 14 days. Njavarakizhi is basically a sudation process in which the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire by the external application of certain medical puddings tied up in muslin bags. Rheumatism, pain in the joints, emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases find its treatment in Njavarakizhi.